We’ll make no apology for it...we are obsessed with coffee culture through and through. Since 2013, constantly in pursuit of the perfect cup, we grind, dose, extract and pour our best daily, consistently, obsessively.

Our ‘latte art’ (the nice pattern we pour into your coffee!) is basically the stamp to say we know our business, that your coffee has been made by a Fine Grind barista and will be pretty much be the best coffee you’ve tasted since you were last in here!

But where did it all start? Two brothers. One simple vision – to bring an extraordinary coffee shop to the high street of Tunbridge Wells!

Simply put, we believe in drinking great coffee and building genuine relationships by being friendly, real, and providing a relaxed, informal service with good vibes. Together these things create an atmosphere that feels as warm and wonderful inside as the cup you’ll enjoy.

But, we are more than that. We have made Tunbridge wells our home and are part of a community. It is our aim to ensure we give back where we can. Providing training and guidance to the young, sometimes those not so young too, and also a serene sanctuary to those that require a little downtime to relax and just be.

We have extensive experience in the hospitality business, but mainly in life and people – this is the driving force behind it all. We pride ourselves on our ability to listen to people and respond.

Genuine, warm, informal and friendly customer interaction is our mantra.

Our company DNA is simple, just three things - speciality coffee, unwavering customer service and good food.

We hope you will become a member of the Fine Grind community where you can benefit from our loyalty scheme, tasting nights of premium coffee, enjoy our single origin coffee at home and learn more about something which has fascinated us for years, café culture.

So on our behalf please accept an invitation to join us for the very best coffee experience in town!

Sincerely at your service,

Matt and James



To experience the very best that coffee has to offer, we had to find a coffee roaster we could trust as well as blow us away with the flavour they could harvest from the roast.

For us the DNA of a good roaster is someone who understands the importance of roasting in small quantities, obsessed about quality and building sustainable relationships with coffee farmers, that’s why Horsham Coffee Roaster were welcomed into the Fine Grind family in 2013 and have been a part of us ongoing, we have never used another roaster. Being a small family business too, Bradley and his wife Amelia are driven by sourcing and roasting, literally the world’s best single origin coffee. They are also great family people.


Fine Grind offers the finest available speciality grade, single origin coffee, sourced from producers around the world, from Brazil, Guatemala and Costa Rica to the origins of coffee in Ethiopia, Kenya and of course Rwanda, where our direct relationships with the farms are flourishing and giving back to the local people.

Our coffee beans are ethically sourced via long term relationships with the producers, and a science-based quality control process on the coffees ensures that only the freshest crops from around the world are brought home for you to enjoy. With a constantly evolving choice of single origin coffee you will never be disappointed.